Deborah Traficante, Owner - Splurge Boutique

We all have a Yin and Yang side of our brain. My Yin is my analytical, business side. My Yang is my artistic side.
I combined the two, the result is my successful, Personal Jewelry and Accessories Business!

I'm an "on demand" retailer. Always "open" by appointment or through the many trade shows and charity events I participate in, as well as the home trunk shows and private shopping events we host throughout the year.

Call (703)623-0515 or email me ( if you'd like to schedule an appointment. You might also see my boutique at the many outside charity based functions I support throughout the year.

My background as a Sales Leader in the technology field provides me with unique skills for building and managing my own business. I combine those business skills with my creative skills to offer a unique approach to the business of beauty. My stylist approach adds fun and if I've done my job, that WOW factor.

I'm in the business of helping women attain their personal best look, that finishing touch, if you will. Come join me in the fun!